21st Stewart on SNL's 25th anniversary this Sunday
Saturday Night Live - 25th Anniversary show A galaxy of past Saturday Night Live host presenters and stars, including Patrick Stewart, will be on the special 25th anniversary show which goes out this Sunday 26th September at 8/9 pm on NBC.

Patrick hosted the show back on February 5th 1994, and the show proved to be one of the most popular of the series.

You can cast a vote for your favourite SNL programme by visiting SNL's web site.

Thanks to Cheryl Brogdon for the info.

16th Live webcast of 'A Perfect Balance' tonight
Visit the UCS web site Patrick will be amongst tonight's gathering of actors, politicians and scientists at the Paramount theatre in LA, to see the launch of a new campaign to raise public awareness of global warming.

As part of the evening, there's a premiere screening of 'A Perfect Balance' - an environmental movie trailer narrated by Stewart and Linda Hunt.

The trailer sponsored by UCS and ECO will be shown across cinemas later this year.

You can watch the event live, via a webcast starting at 7pm (Pacific Time)/10 pm (Eastern Time) by visiting the Union Of Concerned Scientists web site.

Thanks to Michele Eisenberg via PSAS for the info.

13th Stewart voices 'Napoleon' in TNT's 'Animal Farm'
Visit 'Animal Farm' When Robert Halmi Snr. first approached Stewart to play 'Napoleon', images of cavalry uniforms and Waterloo seemed appropriate.
However, the 'Napoleon' in question is the central character in George Orwell's novel 'Animal Farm', and is, in fact, a pig!

Next month, on October 3rd @ 8 pm (ET/PT), US TV viewers can see the premiere of this groundbreaking production, which blends the very latest technology from Jim Henson's animatronics team and live action, to produce a vivid interpretation of Orwell's story.

Joining Stewart as the voice of 'Napoleon' are fellow ex-RSC luminaries Sir Ian Holm as Squealer, Paul Scofield as 'Boxer' and, as farmer Benjamin, Pete Postlethwaite.

Visit TNT's extensive 'Animal Farm' web site to find out more about Orwell's book and this new production.

3rd Projects take-off at 'Flying Freehold'
Variety online have an article about Stewart's up-coming projects with his production company 'Flying Freehold'.

Those projects include:

  • 'Winding Star', a western set in 1850's Oklahoma, which he will star in.
  • A modern day drama called 'Delivering Gen' about a hit man trying to live a normal life.
  • 'A Conspiracy of Tall Men', the long awaited version of Noah Hawley's first novel, in which he will play Linus Owen - Professor of conspiracy theories who discovers a government plot after his wife is reported killed in a plane crash.
Read the whole article at Variety's online site.

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